I'm a purpose-driven technologist:

a hacker, brand strategist and product manager.

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About Me

My name is Wei-Ting. I'm a B.Sc. Computer Science (Data Science & AI) and Business (Scalable Growth) double major at Minerva Schools at KGI, expecting to graduate in Spring '21

I've lived in 6 countries/4 continents. I have gained an appreciation for diversity and my insignificance in the grander scheme of things through my experiences.

I care about tech for social good, particularly in areas of women's health and gender equality. Positioned at the intersection of tech, marketing strategy and entrepreneurship, I want to use my skills to build and scale mission-driven products as a technical product manager.

Outside the 9-5, I'm a writer, indie gamer and salsa dancer. Otherwise I'm eating — Singaporean laksa, Banmian, and sushi will always have special places in my heart.

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✈️ Next: San Francisco, from mid-Feb '21

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